gum diseases

In cases where personal hygiene practices such as tooth brushing and interdental cleaning are not performed or are not carried out effectively, bacterial plaque accumulation and tartar formations occur on the tooth surfaces, gingival margins and in the gingival pocket. If the inflammation caused by these structures is limited to the gingiva, it is called gingivitis, and if it affects the bone tissue surrounding and supporting the tooth, it is called periodontitis. Gum diseases (periodontal disease) is an infectious disease that affects the tissues surrounding and supporting the tooth, not the tooth. Even teeth that have no caries can be lost due to this disease. Periodontal diseases can affect one or more teeth; It is the most common chronic disease in the society that can be seen in children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Since it is usually painless, the symptoms are hardly noticed by the patient and in most cases, a late referral to the physician is made. Supporting tissues around the teeth; gingiva, tooth root, jaw

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Tooth loss is not the only tooth lost.

It is known that the physical forces transmitted to the teeth by chewing have the effect of stimulating the presence of the jawbone and creating cell regeneration. The jawbones that support the teeth can be adversely affected if the teeth are pulled out, and since the physical forces directly transmitted to the bone are eliminated, melting can be seen in the jawbones. In natural bone formation and destruction physiology, the upper jaw bones melt from front to back and the lower jaw melts from back to front. This situation, in which people's lower jaw moves forward due to aging, is observed much more clearly especially in people with tooth deficiency.

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Gingivitis can dissolve the jaw bones.

If gingivitis is not treated, it can adversely affect the jaw bones and lead to bone resorption and tooth loss. It is possible to prevent gum diseases with good oral care and regular tooth brushing habits. Bacterial plaque that accumulates on our teeth after meals, when not removed with a toothbrush, can turn into dental calculus along with the minerals in the saliva. This situation; It can lead to gingivitis, bad breath, bleeding gums, and loss of teeth and jawbones in the future. In the treatment of jaw bone resorption, it is possible to correct the deficiencies with bone grafts, also known as bone powder, which are bone-forming artificial materials.

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Teeth on which porcelain coating is applied on a metal that has a white color instead of the gray metal in traditional metal-based porcelains are called zirconium teeth.

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smile design

Aesthetic smile design is among the oral care applications that many people are interested in in recent years. Decayed teeth, gum diseases, crooked tooth alignment, tooth discoloration, tooth loss negatively affect the smile and physical appearance of the person. People who dream of getting rid of this situation and having healthy smiles apply to aesthetic smile design methods. Smile design is one of the most frequently applied applications by aesthetic dentists. It is defined as the process of correcting the distorted teeth due to various reasons and aesthetic concerns in accordance with the face structure and needs of the person. At the end of this method, where many processes are applied together, the person has the smile of his dreams. A personalized treatment process is determined. The facial features, gender, age and expectations of the person play an effective role in determining the treatment process.

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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is preferred by people whose teeth become discolored due to different reasons over time. Aesthetically, the appearance of the teeth plays an important role in the physical appearance of the person. People whose teeth have lost their natural whiteness may lose their self-confidence and be ashamed of their smile, even if they do not experience serious health problems. In this case, with the teeth whitening process to be applied, people regain their healthy and happy smiles. The teeth whitening process, which is applied to make existing teeth look whiter, is also known as blenching. Genetic factors, dietary habits, smoking and coffee consumption, and external factors that develop later lead to yellowing in the color of the teeth. Sometimes even regular oral care and brushing is not enough to maintain the whiteness of the teeth. Teeth that have lost their whiteness may become even whiter than before after the procedure.

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How to make a smile design? What is Hollywood Smile?

How to make smile aesthetics, which is a very popular treatment method in recent years? Smile aesthetics is based on facial symmetry, mouth structure, jaw structure, lip structure, gingival shape, gingival structure, gingival color, tooth color, skin color and tooth dimensions in order to have a better smile for people who do not like their smile because of their mouth and teeth structure. are made depending.

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