Teeth on which porcelain coating is applied on a metal that has a white color instead of the gray metal in traditional metal-based porcelains are called zirconium teeth.

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gum aesthetics

Gingiva is one of the factors that affect smile aesthetics. Gum aesthetics includes procedures that can be performed by every individual who has medical and aesthetic problems related to their gums. For this purpose, patients who apply to dentist clinics can have an operation if their systemic health conditions and local intraoral conditions are suitable for the procedures to be performed. What is Gum Aesthetics? Gum aesthetics are most commonly performed with gingivoplasty or gingivectomy procedures. The gingivoplasty procedure includes procedures that reshape the gums. Gingivectomy, on the other hand, means cutting some of the existing gingiva in accordance with the contours of the gingiva. Different dental procedures can be applied for people who have problems with gingival recession rather than excessive gingival width. Simply, these procedures are carried out by taking tissue from a different area from the mouth and adding it to the area where the extraction occurs.

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aesthetic filling

Aesthetic fillings are also known as composite fillings. It is applied to both anterior and posterior teeth due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance. In anterior teeth, it is often preferred to join split teeth. It is a comfortable treatment method for the patient as it is an application that takes place without any cutting process on the tooth and without the need for laboratory work. In cases such as anterior tooth fractures and trauma cases, natural results are obtained by adding filling material only. The fact that it offers many color options makes this method known as aesthetic fillings. It is preferred in front teeth as it can imitate the natural tooth exactly. It is often applied to people who are not satisfied with the size of the teeth, people who have permanent discoloration and caries treatments.

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smile design

Aesthetic smile design is among the oral care applications that many people are interested in in recent years. Decayed teeth, gum diseases, crooked tooth alignment, tooth discoloration, tooth loss negatively affect the smile and physical appearance of the person. People who dream of getting rid of this situation and having healthy smiles apply to aesthetic smile design methods. Smile design is one of the most frequently applied applications by aesthetic dentists. It is defined as the process of correcting the distorted teeth due to various reasons and aesthetic concerns in accordance with the face structure and needs of the person. At the end of this method, where many processes are applied together, the person has the smile of his dreams. A personalized treatment process is determined. The facial features, gender, age and expectations of the person play an effective role in determining the treatment process.

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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is preferred by people whose teeth become discolored due to different reasons over time. Aesthetically, the appearance of the teeth plays an important role in the physical appearance of the person. People whose teeth have lost their natural whiteness may lose their self-confidence and be ashamed of their smile, even if they do not experience serious health problems. In this case, with the teeth whitening process to be applied, people regain their healthy and happy smiles. The teeth whitening process, which is applied to make existing teeth look whiter, is also known as blenching. Genetic factors, dietary habits, smoking and coffee consumption, and external factors that develop later lead to yellowing in the color of the teeth. Sometimes even regular oral care and brushing is not enough to maintain the whiteness of the teeth. Teeth that have lost their whiteness may become even whiter than before after the procedure.

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chin jawline filler

What is Jawline Jaw Filling? The process applied to have a stronger and symmetrical jaw line is called jawline jaw filling. A stronger jawline; symbolizes younger, more lively and attractive facial features. If there are fluctuations in the jaw line or if your chin is shorter and lagging behind your face, Jawline filling may be for you. While many women want to have a softer and more feminine looking jawline, many men also want to have a sharper and more defined jawline. Thanks to the jawline filling technique, you can easily have symmetrical and attractive jaw lines in 15 minutes by using temporary fillings. Jawline fillers are an easy-to-apply and non-surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the jawline. If you think that the jaw line is asymmetrical or there are fluctuations in the jaw line, the jawline filling technique may be suitable for you to have a more aesthetic looking jaw line.

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Curiosities about the smart lens

With the developing technology, artificial intraocular lenses have also made progress. Thanks to these Smart Lenses, it has become possible to obtain an uninterrupted and fluent vision at far, medium and close distances. When the natural intraocular lens, which has lost its transparency and elasticity, is replaced with these smart lenses, the patient can get rid of all his glasses for life. However, lifelong cataracts do not develop in patients implanted with a Smart Lens.

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