nose job rhinoplasty

What is Nose Aesthetics / Rhinoplasty? Nose aesthetics, or rhinoplasty, is the name given to surgical operations performed to change the shape of the nose. Reasons for having a rhinoplasty include repairing deformities in an injury, changing the physical appearance of the nose to correct a birth defect, or improving breathing by improving some breathing difficulties. In some cases, both breathing difficulties and physical appearance correction may be among the reasons behind choosing the rhinoplasty option. What is Nose Structure? The upper part of the nose consists of bone and the lower part of cartilage, covered with skin. It has an important place in the respiratory system.

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Gynecomastia can be defined as the development of female type breasts in men. This situation can be physiological as well as may occur due to pathological reasons. Physiological periods are in newborn, adolescence and old age.

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breast reduction

Breast reduction operations are performed quite frequently in our country. The main complaints of the patients are neck, shoulder and back pain, scarring of the bra fasteners, increased sweating, itching, rash, inability to find suitable clothes, difficulties in social life and aesthetic concerns, especially in summer.

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Nose aesthetics or rhinoplasty operations are a very common operation especially in the Middle East and Anatolia. Our noses do not comply with today's aesthetic norms because genetically our nose is arched, the tip of the nose is low, and the wings are wide.

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