aesthetic filling

Aesthetic fillings are also known as composite fillings. It is applied to both anterior and posterior teeth due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance. In anterior teeth, it is often preferred to join split teeth. It is a comfortable treatment method for the patient as it is an application that takes place without any cutting process on the tooth and without the need for laboratory work. In cases such as anterior tooth fractures and trauma cases, natural results are obtained by adding filling material only. The fact that it offers many color options makes this method known as aesthetic fillings. It is preferred in front teeth as it can imitate the natural tooth exactly. It is often applied to people who are not satisfied with the size of the teeth, people who have permanent discoloration and caries treatments.

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The emergence of commercial fillings has led to great innovation and convenience in aesthetic procedures. However, today, the person's own adipose tissue continues to be the best filler.

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Lip filler application

Although there are different fillers (such as mineral fillers), the most used fillers today are hyaluronic acid fillers. Since hyaluronic acid is also found in the natural structure of our skin, it does not act as a foreign substance in our body. This convenient...

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