chin jawline filler

What is Jawline Jaw Filling? The process applied to have a stronger and symmetrical jaw line is called jawline jaw filling. A stronger jawline; symbolizes younger, more lively and attractive facial features. If there are fluctuations in the jaw line or if your chin is shorter and lagging behind your face, Jawline filling may be for you. While many women want to have a softer and more feminine looking jawline, many men also want to have a sharper and more defined jawline. Thanks to the jawline filling technique, you can easily have symmetrical and attractive jaw lines in 15 minutes by using temporary fillings. Jawline fillers are an easy-to-apply and non-surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the jawline. If you think that the jaw line is asymmetrical or there are fluctuations in the jaw line, the jawline filling technique may be suitable for you to have a more aesthetic looking jaw line.

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Personalized rhinoplasty

Personalized Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty is the reshaping and restructuring of the nose. The aim is to improve the nose functionally and aesthetically. People may need rhinoplasty due to post-traumatic or congenital aesthetic concerns, and thousands of people exchange ideas with surgeons they trust. In addition to aesthetic anxiety, most of them have difficulty in breathing through the nose or various mental and physical problems that develop due to this difficulty. The nose should be proportional to the person's facial structure and general body proportions. Considering these rates, surgical applications for areas with anatomical and physiological disorders provide satisfactory results.

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Bichectomy – what is the hollywood cheek? how to do

Recently, the process called Hollywood cheek is actually a surgical intervention, which we call bichectomy, performed by plastic and aesthetic surgeons. Bichectomy is the removal of the buccal adipose tissue in the cheek, that is, the bichat adipose tissue. Suitable patients for this surgery are those who have indistinct facial features within the full cheek roundness.

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