Sinusitis surgery

Sinusitis, which is one of the most common problems in the upper respiratory tract; It significantly reduces people's quality of daily life. Because of the sinusitis problem, which is defined as the inflammation of the sinuses, many patients resort to sinusitis surgery for treatment.

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Who is rhinoplasty surgery for?

Anyone who has problems in nasal breathing and does not like the appearance of their nose aesthetically can be a candidate for rhinoplasty. It is very important to make a preliminary examination and to fully understand the expectations of the patient from the surgery when deciding for surgery. As a result of these evaluations, it may be possible to detect situations that will prevent surgery and not to perform the surgery.

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Nose aesthetics (rhinoplasty)

Nose aesthetic surgeries are a surgical procedure that I have used frequently for many years. My rhinoplasty experience has been reinforced with the trainings I have received in many clinics in different European countries and in Turkey, especially in Istanbul and Ankara. In rhinoplasty, planning should be done individually.

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breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery is an operation to restore an aesthetic and healthy appearance to the sagging breasts, which are devoid of muscle consisting of fat and milk glands, due to factors such as gravity, breastfeeding, frequent weight gain, birth aging and incorrect bra use.

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