eyelid surgery blepharoplasty

Around the eyes; It is one of the earliest aging areas due to its thin skin structure and the use of mimics. In addition, depending on the age of the eyelids; Inward turning (entropium), outward turning (ectropium), drooping (ptosis), under-eye bags and sagging can be seen. All of these conditions can only be resolved with surgery. Eyelid Aesthetics / Blepharoplasty For the sagging of the upper eyelid skin that occurs with age, eyelid aesthetic surgery, namely "upper lid blepharoplasty" is applied. This surgery is performed with local anesthesia and takes approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour for the 2 upper eyelids.

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Curiosities about the smart lens

With the developing technology, artificial intraocular lenses have also made progress. Thanks to these Smart Lenses, it has become possible to obtain an uninterrupted and fluent vision at far, medium and close distances. When the natural intraocular lens, which has lost its transparency and elasticity, is replaced with these smart lenses, the patient can get rid of all his glasses for life. However, lifelong cataracts do not develop in patients implanted with a Smart Lens.

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Are there any age restrictions for dental implants?

If you are missing a tooth or more than one tooth, dental implants are a great option for fixing a bridge or denture. They offer stability similar to natural tooth roots and help people smile with renewed confidence. Our team at our İzmir Karşıyaka Dentalizm Center receives many questions from potential patients about dental implants. Among these questions, the issue of age comes up a lot. That's why we want to go over some key points when it comes to age restrictions and implant dentistry.

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Cataract is a condition in which the lens of the eye loses its transparency, which can lead to blindness in advanced cases that cause blurred vision. Cataract is one of the most important treatable causes of blindness in the world. There is no drug treatment and the only treatment method is surgery.

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What is aging? Is there any treatment?

What can be done against signs of aging? This process can be delayed with personalized controlled approaches! Having a natural and proportional appearance is as important as looking beautiful, young and healthy. Skin rejuvenation with Mesotherapy Laser: Fractional CO2 laser Radiofrequency - High Intensity Focus ultrasound with or without gold needle (HIFU) Autologous fat injections Filler applications Platelet-rich Plasma injections (PRP) Botulinum injection Face lift with thread Chemical peeling Each treatment depends on the person's health status, age, It should be planned individually according to the drugs used.

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