aesthetic filling

Aesthetic fillings are also known as composite fillings. It is applied to both anterior and posterior teeth due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance. In anterior teeth, it is often preferred to join split teeth. It is a comfortable treatment method for the patient as it is an application that takes place without any cutting process on the tooth and without the need for laboratory work. In cases such as anterior tooth fractures and trauma cases, natural results are obtained by adding filling material only. The fact that it offers many color options makes this method known as aesthetic fillings. It is preferred in front teeth as it can imitate the natural tooth exactly. It is often applied to people who are not satisfied with the size of the teeth, people who have permanent discoloration and caries treatments.

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Prominent ear (pronounced ear) is not destiny!

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ömer Mutlu gave information about the prominent ear (pronounced ear) problem. Stating that prominent ears, which are an aesthetic problem that occurs due to birth or genetic reasons, are no longer fate, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ömer Mutlu said that the situation, which can even be a mockery, especially in childhood, can be easily corrected. Since the ears have completed most of their development, Mutlu suggested that prominent ear surgery be performed in the pre-school period and stated that this situation can lead to psychological problems in later ages.

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laminated tooth

In this article, we will answer questions such as what is laminated tooth and how is it applied. Let's take a closer look together. The importance of dentistry in terms of aesthetics is increasing day by day. Our patients now apply to our clinics for a more aesthetic smile, whiter teeth, more visible, compatible with the facial structure, and a different smile as a whole with their lips and gums, in addition to their general dental health. Extremely good results can be obtained by applying the smile design. However, while doing this work, it is necessary to make a restoration by touching the patient's healthy main teeth as little as possible, without damaging them as much as possible. In other words, while giving an aesthetic appearance to the patient by making only light abrasions without cutting the teeth, it is necessary not to disturb the general dental health. The method used for this is Laminated tooth (leaf coating) method.

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Breast conserving surgery (mkc) and/or oncoplastic breast surgery

Breast-conserving surgery and breast reshaping: Breast-conserving surgery (BCS) is the removal of early-stage breast tumor with adequately intact margins in patients with suitable tumor/breast volume. Aesthetic concerns should not be ignored while surgical treatment of the tumor is performed. Depending on the localization of the tumor, different cuts (incisions) can be used to remove the tumor. In suitable patients, reduction of the large breast, lifting the drooping breast can be performed or flap surgery may be considered for tumors behind the nipple. During all these procedures, sentinel lymph node biopsy is performed for lymph nodes.

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Breast aesthetics

Breast aesthetics are for breasts that have lost their aesthetic appearance due to weight gain and gravity; It is to regain an aesthetic appearance with breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, breast asymmetry and gynecomastia surgeries.

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