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Your “smile” to impress

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It is no longer a secret that our strongest chance to make a lasting first impression and impression on the people we meet in our social and business lives is our smile. New research has shown that a great smile is one of our greatest treasures to leave a lasting first impression for many years to come.

This is why many people want to invest in others having pearly teeth.

Against the clock:
A smile is all we need to impress people and make a lasting first impression, no matter how old you are.

Smile has no age! While 45% of the respondents in the study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Densitry (AACD) agree that a smile is the most important feature in making a first impression, regardless of age, very few people think that the body (10%), hair (6%) and legs (5%) states that it will vary for the first impression according to age.

54% of the participants over the age of 50 and 39% of the participants aged 18-49 think that laughing is the most important feature in resisting time.

Worth the Investment! Given the importance of a perfect smile, most respondents say they’re willing to spend money on maintaining their teeth as they get older.

The vast majority (80%) of the participants want to keep their youthful appearance. Women invest more in their appearance than men. Many people dread seeing their 30s as a turning point and spend more money on their looks at 30-39.

Three out of five (64%) people say they would not hesitate to spend money on their teeth.
Money doesn’t matter! Most people realize that when their hair is thin and their legs are ugly, they are not as effective as laughing. We know that people do not spare money when investing in dental health.

The rest of the list is; Other aging defects are more likely to be overlooked than teeth, such as overweight (48%), under-eye circles (33%), wrinkles (31%).

About one out of every two people believe that smiling after meeting is more memorable.

Nothing beats a great smile at the first meeting; Few Americans remember people’s clothes (9%) or their scents (8%) after the first meeting.

The best face of the future:
It has been observed that those who do not like their teeth are less self-confident and affect others less while smiling. Women believe that a “perfect smile” is more attractive to men than an unsure smile.

In the past, people were accepted with their flaws, but today it can be perceived as a cosmetic or aesthetic deficiency, lack of care or not taking care of oneself enough, and it can also affect the “first impression” in both social and business life. This time it takes a lot more effort to break the positive or negative atmosphere you have created on the other side.

Our teeth, like other organs of our body, are one of the parts of our body that constantly function, first of all, the functional and health problems that occur in them should be corrected and smoothed out, then if you have a smile that you do not trust yourself, it is much more comfortable and reliable to replace or develop it with today’s modern dentistry facilities.

About the Research: The AACD Smile survey was conducted by Kelton on August 17-23, 2012. 1,018 Americans over the age of 18 participated in the online survey.