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What is the best method for teeth whitening?

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What is the best way to whiten your teeth? Although in-office whitening may seem like the most expensive, does that mean it’s the best?
The way to whiten your teeth; is to do it slowly.

In office whitening, the teeth are exposed to a very strong whitening gel (30-35% Carbamide Peroxide solution) in a very short time (approximately one hour), while in personalized whitening plates (home bleaching), the teeth are exposed to a less concentrated whitening gel (10%- 15) for longer periods (approximately 1 hour per day from 2 to 8 weeks). In the method where these two processes are combined, office type teeth whitening is applied first and if it is supported with home type teeth whitening, the two processes are applied one after the other.


We can liken it to baking a cake. To make chocolate chip cookies, it is necessary to keep them at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. Cookies will burn if you put them in a 1000 degree oven. For the same reason, teeth whitening also requires low tempo. Thus, teeth whitening is performed with a gentler application to the living and non-living tissues of the tooth.

Tooth whitening performed at a slow pace also provides a deeper penetration of the tooth and causes a more permanent color change.

During in-office whitening with 30% gels, the teeth are sometimes dehydrated and sometimes a return to their original color can be seen approximately 7 to 10 days after the procedure. For this reason, we recommend that office-type applications are generally not done at once, but several times because this method gives more permanent results.

Office type teeth whitening is one-to-one, especially in emergencies that require teeth whitening, and they provide the fastest results.

The most effective results are seen when the two methods are combined, that is, firstly, to lighten the teeth effectively with office-type teeth whitening, and then to support this with home-type teeth whitening, both to bring the teeth to the lightest possible color and to make the whiteness more permanent.

It is true that the whitening process lasts for a long time, but the teeth will show yellowing with the coming years. Thanks to the whitening plates, you can apply the whitening process on your teeth whenever you want, with the advice of your doctor, by providing new home-type teeth whitening gels.

Teeth whitening plates are the safest and most effective method to whiten your teeth after office teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening plates allow you to carefully apply the gel to your teeth, while keeping it away from your oral tissues. This will also prevent uncontrolled swallowing of the teeth whitening gel.

Some people who whiten their teeth with teeth whitening sticks may complain of an increase in transparency in their front teeth after a few years. But does whitening teeth really make them transparent? It is one of the most common questions dentists hear from their patients.

It is thought that this problem is caused by teeth whitening. If the teeth do not become transparent after teeth whitening, this is not permanent. There is a high probability that you will grind your teeth end-to-end with certain movements. In this case, the cutting edges of the teeth are eroded up to their corners and this effect continues in a prismatic manner. Since the worn edges are weakened, an appearance appears as if it has become transparent in those areas.

The reason you may have noticed this situation while applying teeth whitening is because teeth whitening sticks increase the contrast by whitening your teeth. With the examination of your dentist, it will be clearer whether you are clenching your teeth or not, if you have such a problem, it is necessary to take a precaution.