Ways to get your child into the habit of studying regularly

Ways to get your child into the habit of studying regularly

Dear Parents,

It is very important for your child to study regularly and do their homework on time for school success. On the other hand, children may find it difficult to sit at a desk to do their homework. Children can create various excuses not to sit at the desk. Parents may need to spend energy persuading their children to sit at the desk every time of homework. When the child sits down at the homework table after spending a lot of energy, an assignment that can be done in ten minutes can take an hour or two. Because the child does not know how to do and organize his homework, he has to wait at the desk for a long time and naturally gets bored with doing homework.

You can support your child to do their homework regularly so that your child does not wait at the desk for a long time. What can you do to get your child into the habit of studying regularly?

Make a schedule with your child!

First of all, you can make a program together by discussing your needs with your child. A schedule such as 1 hour rest, then dinner, and 30-45 minutes of homework time after dinner may be more efficient when the example comes from school.

Create a study area suitable for your child in your home!

After making the daily schedule, choose the area in your home where your child can do his homework best. Put yourself in your child’s shoes and think about what kind of environment would be productive while doing homework. It could be a quieter, calmer, light-filled room.

Teach each lesson how to study!

After arranging the physical conditions, you should teach your child what to pay attention to while doing their homework. Each course has different features. Consider how your child can work more efficiently in accordance with these characteristics and guide your child. For example, you might go through all of his assignments and tell him he needs to determine which one to start first. You can guide them on what to pay attention to while doing their written homework and solving questions. Topics such as how to use the notebook and how to take notes can increase the efficiency of studying.

Motivate her to do her homework alone!

Your goal should be for your child to be able to do their homework on their own, not instead doing their homework. After guiding him, your task is to support him at the points he gets stuck and answer his questions. Some parents state that they have to do their children’s homework themselves. This is the wrong approach. Our goal is to increase the child’s ability to do homework on their own.

Hope your child enjoys doing homework,

Specialist Pedagogue Sevil Yavuz

Child, Adolescent and Family Psychologist,

Lecturer, Play Therapist,

Parenting Skills & Counseling Center