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Unconditional love and positive self-perception

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When talking to our child, it is WRONG to talk like ‘I will love you if you do that, if you become someone like me, I will not love you if you do this’!

Whatever he does, he is your only son – your only daughter and he needs to be loved.

The child who hears that he is not loved believes this, thinks that he is not loved, this pushes him to pessimism.

We would be very upset if we heard that we were not loved by our parents when we were 3,5,6 years old.

One of the most basic human needs is love. We also want to know that we are loved after we are sure that we are full.

Children love unconditionally. They love you for who you are, NOT because you fed, clothed, educated them. You are his only parents. You are great HEROES who always do the right thing and speak the truth in your child’s world.

Tell your child you love him, raise them with love.

Research has also proven this. Even the most severely retarded child can understand when we say we love him.

If we say that we love him, we will contribute positively to the personality, character and mental development of the child.

Take action now, turn around and say I love you to your child with their name.

With love…