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Teeth grinding and splint use

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Splint therapy is the most commonly used method today for teeth clenching and grinding problems caused by occlusion disorders of the teeth disrupting the neuron-muscle relationship. The basis of splint treatment is to change the occlusion relationship in the teeth abruptly and to provide rapid relaxation of the muscles within the neuron-muscle relationship. Since the occlusion relationship changes in a very short time, the contraction of the chewing muscles disappears and the patient immediately relaxes. However, if the patient continues to use the splint after 1-2 days, this time another neuron-muscle relationship occurs in the patient due to the splint, and if it continues, teeth clenching and grinding continues on the splint this time. If the use of splint continues, jaw joint discomfort occurs with the effect of increasing the vertical dimension. It is correct to use such an approach due to acute contraction of the muscles, but it is wrong to use it for a long time. In order to correct such ailments, an occlusion analysis must be performed and the occlusion must be corrected.