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Suicide and its psychopathology

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According to Freud, who developed the first psychodynamic theory about suicide; The psychodynamics of depression and suicide are the same.

Depressed people evaluate themselves, the world and the future negatively. By directing the aggression of the individual to his own self; The feeling of guilt finds expression in self-devaluation, ultimately in self-killing.

Depressed person: slowly begins to see everything gray, waking up in the morning, getting out of bed, having breakfast, saying good morning to someone, bathing, everything becomes meaningless. And it covered the whole room in gray, then black.

One day, two days, three days, ten days and finally months…

Suicide; It is an effort to find a final solution to a temporary problem. It is convincing oneself that there is no other way to end the suffering.

Suicide is “like an emergency exit door to exit the house when there is a fire” for the person who commits suicide. Therefore, when the person takes this decision; suddenly enters a state of well-being. He talks to people he loves and can’t talk to. He goes to his office, collects his work, and if he is a student, he does his homework. Because according to him, he has now made his decision and according to him, this pain will end.


Order ; Suicide will continue to exist as long as one claims that suffering is a weakness.

There is a difference between sadness and depression. We all feel bad from time to time.

Only a ‘GOOD EXPERT’ can know the difference.

To eliminate suicide; Depression has to work. The important question when studying depression is: ‘what does it start with?’

A. Did it develop after a trauma? After trauma, it is necessary to study the trauma as well.

B. Does the person have any other ailments, this is also important.

C. Some of them have Depressive personality structure. These people see themselves as worthless, insignificant, unsuccessful and inadequate; They are extremely adaptable, touchy and fragile people. They are extremely sensitive to external evaluations. Neglecting themselves. They constantly try to please the people around them and not to upset them. Because they perceive themselves negatively, their self-esteem and sense of self-worth decrease even in the face of any evaluation. In this case, the things that need to be changed while working with the person with this depressive personality structure: eg. Such as developing a positive self-perception, being able to say no, and getting them out of their role as a constant giver. Things should also work.


LIFE; is chemistry. I am one of those who do not think that only psychotherapy can work unless we replace the chemicals in our brains. For this reason, psychiatrist support is essential, especially in chronic and pathological problems.