Remember that your child needs friends!

Remember that your child needs friends!

Dear Parents,

While showing your best care for your child to grow up healthy and happy, you should also consider your child’s social needs. The child’s first social environment is the family. As a social being, a person first begins to develop social skills in his family. Later, he develops his social skills in his relations with his friends. In order for the child to socialize, the need for friends is at least as important as nutrition.

As a parent, you cannot meet this need by “acting like your child’s friend”. Because you are the parents. In short, your child needs a true friend. It will not be enough to buy toys and technological equipment for your child to compensate for this. Because no toys can replace this need. You need to realize how important this need of your child is and allow your child to spend time with their friends.

The biggest problem of our time is the change in the social environment, the decrease in children’s playgrounds, the fact that children have to live indoors, and most importantly, we are worried about the danger that awaits children outside. We understand from the media reports that these concerns are not unfounded. I understand the parents’ concerns about this. On the other hand, when we remember our own childhood, we can understand how unfair we were to today’s children when we think about how free we were and how we played with our friends outside for hours.

In order for our children to develop healthily, to throw away excess energy in their bodies, and to improve their self-confidence, children need to play active games outside. On the other hand, some children may not even have a single friend, let alone playing with a group of friends outside. If these children did not go to school, they would have lived a completely isolated life.

For this reason, your biggest task as a parent is that your children have to grow up in an environment that is worrying, on the other hand, you need to find at least a few friends with whom your child can play safely. For example, you can meet the family of your child’s friends at school, and you can relax and allow them to meet with their friends in a safe environment and spend enough time.

Hope your child spends enough time with their friends,

Specialist Pedagogue Sevil Yavuz

Child, Adolescent and Family Psychologist,

Play Therapist, Marriage and Couple Therapist

Beykent University Lecturer

Parenting Skills & Counseling Center