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Puberty I – body image

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“Because he had gone to bed late the night before, he couldn’t get up in bed as usual when I went to lift him for breakfast. Although it was difficult, he got up from his bed and went to wash his hands and face with slow limping steps; He left but did not return. When I went after him to summon him again, I found him in front of the mirror again. First, she took 3-5 different stances and made sure of her appearance, then she laid her hair here and there and gave it its final shape. Although it took him half an hour to sit at the breakfast table, it didn’t even take ten minutes to get up. He didn’t say anything, and he didn’t seem to hear anything I said anyway. When his phone rang, he closed the door again and started a pleasant conversation. His enjoyment really pleased me… “Who was it?” I said. “Nobody!” he said carelessly, “You wouldn’t know.” He added, of course… We didn’t have much dialogue until the evening… At one point, “I’m hungry.” once in a while, “I’m going out.” said. Although I knew the answer, I still asked; “Who are you going to meet?”… Again, he didn’t surprise me and said “you don’t know…”

This paragraph is not an excerpt from any novel, but simply a summary of a process that I guess many parents with teenage children go through during a certain part of the day. Many parents refer to adolescence as a “nightmare period”.

Intense hormonal changes that occur during adolescence not only bring about physical changes that will prepare the child for adulthood, but also upset the psychological balances. In a sense, it is like having a happy child inside a growing and developing body.

Although the psychological changes in the child are the most difficult subject for both the child and the family, the attitudes and behaviors in daily life, especially the attitudes about body image, take the first place on the agenda. As a matter of fact, a person’s physical appearance, that is, his positive view of body image, is one of the factors that affect a person’s self-confidence, outlook on life, productivity at work and communication with other people. However, it is probably a topic that is not as popular in our lives as in adolescence. Many reproaches such as “Am I short?”, “Are my hands so big?”, “Where did these hairs come from?”, “Oh, another pimple …”, which were at the top of the agenda during adolescence, became the subject of the agenda with the spread of attention to different topics over time. it will lose its place, but getting through this period without harming the personality is directly proportional to the approach of the family and the close environment to the child.

If the right approach is not exhibited, the negative perceptions of young people about their physical characteristics can become complex and cause problems such as social phobia, irritability and introversion. It should not be forgotten that children in particular are quite cruel among themselves. Even when you think about your own childhood, maybe you will remember that definitions such as “Four-eyes”, “chubby”, “scoop ears”, “dwarf” were given to you.

The most important attitude that the parents should adopt in this regard is to emphasize the positive characteristics of the child instead of the negative ones. Especially in this period, whatever your opinion is, you should avoid definitions that will damage the child’s body image, even jokingly, and be patient.