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Prepare your primary school grade 1 child for school for Term 2 during the semester break!

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Prepare your primary school 1st grade child for school for semester 2 during the semester break!

Dear Parents

Primary school is an important and difficult transition period for your children. Especially this year, with the decrease in the school starting age, younger children started primary school. Children of different ages and months difference had to study in the same class. To solve this problem, the first three months of preschool curriculum was applied to help children of different ages to prepare for school. However, since the second semester pre-school curriculum will not be implemented, children have to adapt the primary school first grade curriculum. In this case, the same academic performance will be expected from children of different ages and from children of the same age.

On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that there are great differences even between children of the same age. While one of the two children of the same age is emotionally and academically ready for school, the other child may not be ready for school and may have difficulty adapting to school. Considering that there is an age difference between children in this regard, we cannot expect that every child will be equally ready for the second term and adapt to school.

You have a few weeks left to prepare your child for school by understanding whether your children are ready for school academically and emotionally before the start of the second semester of the school year. If your child is not ready for school, especially emotionally and socially, you should definitely get pedagogical support. Because if the child has difficulty in adapting to the school emotionally and socially, he cannot show it even if his academic performance is good. These children become dependent on the mother, attend school reluctantly or do not want to go to school, and cannot concentrate on school activities and homework. If professional support is not received, these children’s self-confidence may decrease and school phobia may develop. Therefore, without wasting time, evaluate whether your child is ready for the second term and if he needs support, spend the next few weeks supporting your child in this regard.

Hope your child goes to school with confidence,

Specialist Pedagogue Sevil Yavuz

Child, Adolescent and Family Psychologist,

Beykent University Lecturer

Parenting Skills & Counseling Center