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Pedagogue; is your child’s mental, social, emotional development and mental health expert!

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Pedagogue; Your child’s mental, Social, Emotional Development and Mental Health Specialist!

“The art of being a good parent is not something that is learned from birth. You should get help from the Pedagogue to be good parents and support your child’s development and reveal their potential. Because sometimes you may be hindering your child’s development and harming his/her psychology by saying I am doing the best for him.”

It comes from the ancient Greek and Latin Pedagog: paidagogos. It means slave, who is obliged to take the children to the teacher in charge of teaching them. However, the word that would best describe pedagogy should have been child psychology educator or child psychologist. Because the Pedagogue is neither just a Psychologist nor just an Educator; We can call it an Education and Psychology specialist.

So, what is the duty of the pedagogue today, when and why should one go to the pedagogue? I would like to explain a few things that I think will be useful to all parents in this regard.

No one learns the art of being a parent from birth!

None of us have children after going to parent school and getting a diploma. Maybe planned, maybe surprisingly; We become parents, with or without being psychologically ready for it. We try to raise our children with what we see around us, what we learned from our mother’s raising us, and what we know right and wrong. However, when raising your child, you need to get support from a specialist. This specialist is also a Pedagogue.

The first child is not a subject!

We cannot endanger the development and education of the first child by saying that we learn to be a parent in the first child, and we will be more experienced in the second child. To learn to be good parents, you should get help from the pedagogue. Pedagogue is a child psychologist and family counselor. It not only solves the problems, but also cooperates with the family in order to eliminate the possibility of problems and informs the family to contribute to the healthy development of your child. We can also call pedagogy the “raising guide” of parents.

The duty of the pedagogue; Is everything okay in the child’s spiritual world, is there a problem in the approach of the parents, how is the situation at school and at home? Follow and control them.

This task begins when you are a mother-to-be. Regular meetings of the expectant mother with a specialist in order to feel psychologically ready for motherhood and to get information about child health; After the child is born, the mother should continue to receive psychological counseling support. The support of parents in raising their children at all times plays an important role in the healthy growth of the child.

What do you do for your children’s mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs while meeting their basic needs such as food, drink and shelter?

As parents, we always want to do the best for our children. We don’t eat it ourselves, we feed it to our children. What do you do for other areas of development while meeting your child’s physical needs? Is it enough to buy a few educational toys for your child and decorate his room, do you play games that support your child’s mental, emotional and social development? How is your attitude towards your child, how is your communication? Are you too interested or too uninterested in your child, how do you balance it? Does your child know his limits, how do you teach this, or does your child not understand “no”? You can get the answers to these questions from the Pedagog.

Your child is a “separate world” and there is no special child-rearing prescription for this world: “After every mischief, give this medicine on a full stomach in the morning and evening”.

When your child is sick, you go to the doctor, the doctor writes a prescription and you take those drugs and treat them. For the healthy growth of your child, you know foods with vitamins, you feed them; you prefer quality, healthy toys and clothes; You give all your love and attention. You can do all this alone. However, there is neither a book nor a medicine “written specifically for your child” that you can support your child’s mental, social and emotional development on your own. Reading books on child psychology and health will certainly support you. But these alone will not be enough. Even if you are a pedagogical mother, you will need to be evaluated objectively.

Remember, your child is a different world. Mother and father with different characters, the biological characteristics of the child, the characteristics of the small environment in which you live, what you believe, what you experience, all these constitute your child’s world, and there is no special prescription for raising a child for this world: there is no such thing as giving this medicine after every mischief.

The approach to the child will differ according to the circumstances and situation of your child. For this reason, the Pedagogue will evaluate what you should do in which situation, according to those conditions, taking into account your child’s developmental and individual characteristics.

Your child’s interests and needs vary at every age.

Children grow very quickly during infancy, and even weeks matter. Then their development slows down and they are in a different psychological and biological period at every age. Knowing the characteristics of this period, taking into account your child’s interests and needs, the Pedagogue will make a special “child rearing guide” for your child. Thus, you know whether your attitudes and behaviors towards your child are correct or not, and you become self-confident parents.

The frequency of going to pedagogy varies according to the age of the child and the type of problems he or she has.

Meeting with an expert pedagogue until the age of 0-15 helps your child get through the most critical periods with the least damage. The frequency of going to pedagogy varies according to your child’s age and period. At the age of 3-6, you can go at least once every three months. If the child is in a critical period or you are in a critical period, depending on the nature of that situation, you may need to go more often until you get over that period.

Kindergarten alone is not enough!

It is not enough just to send your child to kindergarten for his/her mental, social-emotional development. Because what is going on in kindergarten, what is going on at home, and how is the psychology of the child torn between these two, is everything okay at home and at school, or does everything seem okay to you? Again, you can only get the answers to all these questions from a Pedagogue. The pedagogue guides you about what to do and implements a program, taking into account the individual characteristics of your child.

Pedagogy should be visited regularly, not to solve the problem, but primarily to prevent the problem from occurring.

To go to pedagogy, do not wait for your child to have a “problem” in your eyes, or to deteriorate his “psychology”. For the healthy development and education of your child, he is the expert pedagogue, where you can get the healthiest advice suitable for your child’s developmental and individual characteristics. Just as every field has a counselor, the Pedagogue is also a family and child counselor. In every decision about your child, you should consult the pedagogue about how this decision will affect your child emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Although you think that you are doing the best for your children, sometimes the decisions you make on their behalf can create serious problems in their future. For example, choosing a profession instead of your child: if this is the area that your child does not like and does not have talent, it will cause failure and this failure will negatively affect other areas of his life. However, if the child is allowed to choose the profession he/she wants and is capable of; The child will take part in society as a very successful and healthy individual. Unfortunately, these examples are common nowadays. When these decisions you make on behalf of your children become dangerous for your child’s mental health, you should go to the pedagogy regularly, not to solve the problem, but to prevent the emergence of the problem, instead of visiting a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, saying, “Oh, what are we going to do now?”

Pedagogue; is your child’s mental, emotional, social development and spiritual health doctor.

Just keep in mind that just as you take your child to the pediatrician when he has a fever, you should go to Pedagogy for your child’s mental, emotional, social development and health. The pedagogue evaluates whether everything is okay in the child’s world and tells what can be done to overcome a problem if there is a problem. In short, Pedagogue is your child’s social, emotional, mental development and mental health specialist and helps you to support your child’s development.

When you decide to become a parent or learn that you will become a parent, you should start meeting with the Pedagogue regularly.

We wish you to consult pedagogy while raising your child…