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Mom don’t leave me!

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Hooray, schools are opening!

However, this is a source of great anxiety for some mothers (caregivers) and/or children.

Children who wake up tomorrow morning will have a psychosomatic stomach ache, will have a crying crisis when they enter the school, and mothers will say to their teacher – “don’t cry” when handing over my child to their teacher, and when they turn their backs, they will say to their children, “Come on, come running, stick to my feet, mommy, don’t go”( caregivers).

As at the beginning of every academic year, this “separation” will turn into a great anxiety for some, and it will turn into a class door, school door watch that will last for hours, days, maybe months.

School phobia can have many causes.

Among my cases; It’s like a child who thinks he stays there all day because he slept at noon in his previous school and doesn’t leave his mother in the next academic year. Like a child who thinks that he will lose his caregiver the moment his caregiver drops him off at school because he lost his mother. Like a mother who gave up her husband and other children and raised this child for herself, who sleeps with him in the same bed at night, and does not want her to even use her own tablespoon while eating her meal during the day. I’ve had many cases of school phobia.

The cause of school phobia can be the smallest thing that comes to mind, or it can be a huge addiction problem. An expert may know why.

Come, if you encounter a problem when the school opens, consult a specialist with your family before your problem grows.

I wish everyone a happy and peaceful academic year. With love…