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Knitting accelerates your child’s development and provides a therapeutic effect.

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Dear Parents,

Our children are taking part in an education marathon today. With the development of technology, children spend their remaining time after intensive education hours with computer games and watching television. Children cannot experience the pleasure of producing something and acting independently. Children do not have a chance to participate in artistic activities that will help them produce something.

As it is known, art has an important place in human psychology. When I say art, I mean every branch of art. Our culture is especially rich in handicrafts. In our culture, it was very important for our young girls to weave braids. Young girls showed their skills in knitting types, exhibited them, and were proud of their work. But today, this tradition has left its place to social media posts and correspondence on the internet. Children consume more than produce.

However, children’s creation of a product both increases their self-confidence and provides a therapeutic effect. Especially while knitting, the child concentrates on that work, forgets about other worries in his life, relaxes and gets discharged. Knitting also develops the child’s attention. Children nowadays are far from taking a task and working on it patiently. They quickly give up and find another activity. They can’t show patience, they can’t come to difficulties. This reflects negatively on their future performance as well.

Knitting is a beautiful artistic activity that helps children develop these necessary skills. By knitting, children both spend their free time effectively, and while experiencing the effect of therapy, our cultural values ​​are transferred to new generations. It’s not just limited to these. The pride and pleasure of knitting and creating a work of art is a completely different experience. It will be an unforgettable memory for both parents and children. For this reason, direct your child to knit without separating them as girls or boys.

One of our fathers, who came to our center, was carrying the knitting of his 9-year-old daughter in his pocket and said that every time he looked at her, he remembered his daughter and was proud of her. Think of the happiness of putting on a scarf that your child knitted with his own hands. What gift can take its place? I’m talking about a work of art that emerged with the effort and love of your child. This is an indescribable happiness for both parties. While you will be proud of your daughter, your child will be proud of himself.

Wishing you this happiness,

Specialist Pedagogue Sevil Yavuz

Child, Adolescent and Family Psychologist,

Lecturer, Play Therapist,

Parenting Skills & Counseling Center