For what reasons should you take your child to pedagogy?

For what reasons should you take your child to pedagogy?

Dear Parents,

While you make a great effort for your child’s happiness and healthy development, your child may experience various problems in some periods. These problems can develop beyond your control.

Trying to find the causes of these problems or trying to solve them on your own may cause you to waste time. Simple problems experienced by your child can become more serious problems. For this reason, you should definitely get professional support for behavioral changes and developmental problems that you observe in your child.

If your child is experiencing the problems listed below, you should get pedagogical support.

– Speech problem (stuttering, stuttering)

-speech delay

– school phobia

-Bottom wetting,

-Learning difficulties


-Crying spells,


– Do not use violence against your brother,

-Developmental Retardation,

-Not making eye contact,

-Not answering when called,

-Don’t play with their toys,

– Mobility,


-Nail biting,

-Social phobia,

-Sleep problems

-Eating problems

-Sudden change in behavior, etc.

Hope you solve your child’s problems before it’s too late,

Specialist Pedagogue Sevil Yavuz

Child, Adolescent and Family Psychologist

Parenting Skills & Counseling Center