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Do not raise your children in fear!

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Do not raise your children in fear!

Affectionate Parents, Recently, parents prefer to scare their children when they fail to persuade them.

What I have heard from the parents who come to our center, and what I have seen from the parents that I have observed around me, is that the children are tried to be persuaded by intimidating them. For example, food is one of the biggest problems of parents. “Open your mouth! If you don’t open it, the stinger will come,” he is intimidated and fed. The last resort they resort to when they cannot get their children to speak is to scare the child. Children are frightened by a wide variety of things. We can list them as follows;

Look, the police will come,

Uncle doctor is coming,

The boogeyman is coming

The needleman is coming,

The dog is coming, it will eat you

I’ll tell your father that uncle will come, etc.

As you can see, children are frightened by animals, people in their professions, and even their fathers. Because it is easier for children to do what we say by being frightened. This intimidation is done especially in the preschool period. As the child grows up with these fears, he becomes discouraged. He does not even want to go to the toilet by himself. He becomes a more passive and fearful child. Then parents start to think about why our child has low self-confidence.

Instead of scaring children, it is necessary to act consistently with a correct understanding of discipline. It should not be said “yes” to everything the child does, nor should it be said “no” to everything the child says. Depending on the developmental characteristics of children, it is necessary to set limits, be consistent and teach “no” to children starting from the age of 12-18 months.

If you are unsuccessful in this regard, you can improve your communication with your child and persuade him more easily by getting support from a pedagogue who is really expert in his field. Even if you don’t get professional support, at least don’t try to persuade your child by scaring them. Because raising your child by scaring him will negatively affect his psychology.

I wish you to raise your child without fear,

Pedagogue Sevil Yavuz

Child and Adolescent Psychology Specialist,

Parenting Skills & Counseling Center