Do not kiss your baby’s genitals! Do not love by squeezing your baby! Love your baby in moderation!

Do not kiss your baby’s genitals! Do not love by squeezing your baby! Love your baby in moderation!

Dear Parents,

Culturally, the way we show our love is often by touching. We don’t say “Welcome” or “Goodbye” without touching each other. This becomes more exaggerated when it comes to loving children. You must have witnessed parents who love their children and babies by pinching them. Although not only parents but also other family members do not want children, they love and smell the baby by pinching, squeezing, biting the child.

The child is not only loved by family members, but also by people he does not know. Wherever we see a cute child that we do not know, we would like to kiss and squeeze immediately if his parents allow it.

We have absolutely no bad intentions when we love in this way. We try to show our inner love to the baby or child. On the other hand, we don’t think about whether that baby or child likes it or not. Sometimes babies want to cry when they are petted and they want to say leave me alone. Despite this, we continue to love to the fullest. We disrespect the right of the baby or child.

If only that was all… For some parents, kissing their babies’ cheeks is not enough, they love their babies by kissing their lips, hands and feet. Worse, they are also happy to kiss the genitals of their babies. We violate the baby’s right to own bodily immunity.

If you look carefully, you will see that babies and children who are loved by pressing and squeezing are disturbed by this. More importantly than the discomfort of babies, excessive touching of the baby’s genitals and genitals for the purpose of cleaning or loving can also cause early sexual arousal in children. Healthy sexual identity development may be adversely affected.

Therefore, do not kiss or caress your child’s lips and genitals. Do not touch your child’s genitals except for cleaning. Do not do the cleaning by pressing too hard and being meticulous. Do not use your child’s genitals as a tool for humorous talk and entertainment. Avoid sexually explicit jokes and phrases such as “I’ll eat your dick, lion boy”. Love your child more moderately and respect his rights.

Wishing you a healthy and moderate love for your child,

Specialist Pedagogue Sevil Yavuz

Beykent University Lecturer,

Child, Adolescent and Family Psychology Specialist,

Family and Couples Therapist, PSD Play Therapist

Parenting Skills & Counseling Center