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aesthetics in dentistry

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Until today, many definitions of aesthetics have been made and the definition of aesthetics in history has been determined as the image closest to nature. Here, the corrections made in accordance with the natural appearance were within the limits of medicine. Today, concepts such as physical health, youth and beauty have come to the fore in societies as a spiritual competence as well as physical characteristics.

Today, physicians cannot ignore the demands of their patients who come to them in the society.

When we look at dentistry here, we see that the information that physicians learn and the demands of their patients sometimes overlap. In the face of these demands, if physicians try to apply treatments that are not within the scope of medical ethics and try to apply treatments that do not have an indication option, they may unknowingly disrupt both the physical and mental structures of their patients and act out of medicine. When the patient sits in the dentist’s chair, the physician should evaluate the physical, mental or social condition of the patient and take into account that sometimes patients may not convey their demands correctly to the physician or make inappropriate demands.

At this point, we, physicians, should make it a principle not to make requests that do not have medical indications only under cosmetic treatment, by explaining the negativities or exaggerated requests that await them in the face of aesthetic / cosmetic demands of our patients within the scope of medical ethics and showing possible mistakes.

Physicians should make their diagnoses in accordance with medical deontology and scientific requirements and apply the necessary treatment to their patients.