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Your hair may not fall out

In the past, men complained more about hair loss and received treatment. Now women apply with the complaint of male pattern hair loss. Even much younger patients, young people experiencing exam stress, job stress, mothers who have just gone through breastfeeding and puerperium…

Nevertheless, I would like to give a good news on top of this bad news that your hair may not fall out thanks to the renewed technology! Because it is now possible to plan appropriate treatments for every need and patient.

I will talk about the most practical solutions; hair mesotherapies, PRPs and prescribed shampoos… If the applications are planned as a combined treatment; the most amazing results.

In other words, although our hair is prone to shedding for one reason or another, it is possible to regain it with the right treatments without losing it. All you need to do is to consult your dermatologist in case of complaints.