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You can look natural with botox


Dear readers, the subject of this article is Botox, which is increasingly accepted by all walks of life and has become almost the most important part of looking good. There was a bad prejudice about Botox until the last few years. Even those who had it said, “Oh! Would it be obvious that I had Botox?” there was fear. However, it is now possible to have Botox and at the same time pretend not to have it. As you can see, the answer to our title may well be “Yes”.

So why was it so repulsive for those who had Botox before, or did Botox cause a strange appearance rather than beautifying it? The answer is easy: because it didn’t look natural. My personal opinion is that the phrase “looking like Botox” is slowly being erased. In the first years, we were seeing strange faces that seemed surprised because the recommended doses were perhaps too high and the injection points were not as well known as they are today. Today, our aim when doing botox is to reveal a more rested, bright, happy and less wrinkled face instead of making our patients look younger. There is a misconception in society that people who get Botox can’t make any facial expressions. Botox can be done by people of all professions. This includes theater artists, announcers and politicians. If you pay attention, the use of mimics is extremely important in these professional groups. If done properly, it is possible to get rid of wrinkles without losing facial expressions.

I really liked the slogan of another product used for aesthetic purposes at a congress I attended a few years ago: “Everyone will notice, no one will understand”. I think today, this should be the goal in every process done to look more beautiful. Our friends or friends who see us after the procedure and who are often our same sex, ask this change in us, “You have a beauty, but what?” should be able to express. “What happened to you like that or did you get Botox?” question may indicate an incorrect application.

I think that men do not understand very well that Botox is done. I don’t know why. Should we consider this in the same way that they don’t notice when we dye our hair another color? So, should we interpret it as a classic male situation that doesn’t understand what we do? Another explanation could be that the number of men who get Botox is still much less than women? I warn my patients when I practice, “You may not like this, but I must say in advance that your spouse will not notice”. This is desirable for spouses who do not approve of aesthetic practices. But a colleague of mine, whose wife is an ophthalmologist, was very surprised that he did not realize that his wife had Botox. “But my wife is an ophthalmologist, after all, it’s a procedure that affects the eye area, yet she didn’t notice anything.” I replied, “But he’s a man after all.”

Our goal when getting Botox should not be just to look younger or to get rid of existing wrinkles completely. My personal opinion, especially around the eyes, there may be some wrinkles when we smile. Nor should we be afraid to show our age. First of all, let’s be comfortable with our age. Wanting to look much younger than we are can cause us to have an unnatural face that is incompatible with other parts of our body and even our face. As a result, let’s age more beautifully, not younger.