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Why you need skin care

Perfect, glowing skin is our main accessory. No matter what age we are, we all want to have healthy, well-groomed and beautiful skin. Our skin is a window to our inner world and is the best indicator of how quickly we age. Like all of our lives, our skin is the product of a marriage between our genes and our environment. We can’t do anything for our genes, but we can control environmental factors.

Our skin is polluted by the effect of environmental conditions throughout the day. Exhaust fumes, make-up residues, skin’s own secretions, microorganisms accumulate on the skin and prevent the skin from performing its normal functions. In addition, factors such as nicotine, alcohol, unhealthy diet, insufficient sleep affect the structure of the skin negatively.

Skin care eliminates the effects of these negative factors by cleansing the skin and supporting it with appropriate products. It allows the skin to continue its normal functions.

Even if there is no problem in our skin, it is necessary to have general skin care once a month to protect our skin health and beauty. Regular care of our skin and supporting it with household products is an investment for the future.

Purposes of skin care:

To protect the natural hydrolipid structure and balance of the skin,
To regulate the functions of the skin (oxygenation, blood circulation, removal of dead cells, new cell formation),
Cleaning the skin’s pollution caused by natural wastes and external factors, creating a protective layer,
Giving the active substances that the skin needs for the biological activities that decrease with wear and aging,
Feeling spiritual relaxation and relaxation as well as a more beautiful appearance with skin care.

Classic skin care:

By performing a skin analysis by our specialist, what your skin needs is determined. First, the skin is cleaned and peeled. Then, depending on the skin structure, 5 -15 minutes. steam bath is applied. With the help of vacuum, the fat accumulated under the skin is removed to the skin surface. If there is comedones and milia formation on the skin, it is cleaned.

After this process, high frequency processing is performed. The purpose of this is to purify the skin from microbes, soothe and accelerate blood circulation, drying acne. Face and décolleté massage is performed in the direction of the muscle.
Serum and mask are applied according to the needs of the skin, and the process is completed with the cream that the skin needs.
Take your precautions early, don’t leave it until tomorrow. Skin care should be done at all ages!

Special treatment and care courses

We eliminate your skin problem with our special treatment care sets developed for problematic skin.

Treatment-care cure for sensitive skin

Treatment-care cure for problematic-oily-acneous skin

Skin rejuvenating treatment-care cure

A treatment-care cure is applied around the eyes.

Treatment care cure for sensitive skin

It is a 6-week maintenance cure applied once a week. Each session is 60 minutes.
Contains: blueberry extract, rosehip, rosa canina extract, meriloto, Beta Glicirretic acid from licorice root, vitamins E and C, aloe vera extracts.
Effects: Protects the vascular walls. It reduces burning, redness, provides relief, shows antioxidant effect on irritated and cuperotic skin.

Treatment-care cure for problematic-oily-acneous skin

It is a 5 week product applied once a week. Each session is 60 minutes.
Contains: Lemon, orange, clay, cucumber juice, sage, green tea, glycolic acid and gse extracts.
Effects: Acid regulator, sebum balancer, firming and antiseptic.

Skin rejuvenating, regenerating care cures

It is a 6-week maintenance cure applied once a week. Each session is 60 minutes.

Caviar Cure

Contains: Caviar, pure vitamin A, quinoa oil EAC vitamins

Effects: It is applied for dry, wrinkled skin. It has a moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect.

Q10 Cure

Contains: Glycoprotein, Q10 enzyme, vegetable filler globules.
Effects: Special skin cure for mature and those with loss of elasticity. The skin also has a plumping effect. Gathers and increases elasticity. It shapes the face contour. Antioxidant is effective.

Eye Contour Care

Our eyes also deserve special care. Fine lines, swelling, darkness, problems around the eyes. There are various maintenances that can help solve these problems. With a regenerative eye contour care, gentle skin is regulated and tightened. Excellent results are achieved when applied in weekly sessions.