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Why should we consult a dermatologist for everything that concerns our skin?

Dermatologists are those who, after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, choose the dermatology branch as a specialization area in the exam that all doctors take to become a specialist and do a higher specialization in this subject for 4-5 years. Maintaining the health of the skin and diagnosing and curing skin diseases is the job of dermatologists who know everything from microscopy to macroscopy of this great organ, which is an important part of human health.

The dermatologist evaluates the skin as a whole in relation to other organs of the body. The color of the skin, whether it is pale, red, dry, oily, spotty, sensitive or allergic, is the skin dry but spotty, how much it has been affected by sunlight, moisture condition of the skin, whether there are wrinkles, capillaries coming to the surface, Moles are evaluated by looking at all factors such as sun spots (lentigo), melasma (regional spots). Otherwise, when any procedure for skin rejuvenation is performed, problems that are difficult to recover may be encountered.

For example, when we use the very popular infrared or radiofrequency methods for facial rejuvenation, can we guess that the synthesis of the pigment called melanin (which gives our skin its color – being blonde, brown or dark-skinned) can be triggered and a new stain that did not exist before can be revealed? Yes, there are some parameters, so this process is not applied if necessary. It seems that this type of medical devices should be used by experienced specialist doctors.

For this reason, to determine the appropriate method according to the needs of the person, not according to each new device; should be the basic principle for skin health and beauty.