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Why should I have laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is an effective and safe method used to remove unwanted hair. Laser epilation reduces or eliminates hair in body areas such as armpits, groin, legs where there are thick hairs. Laser epilation is applied at intervals of 6-10 weeks. In an average of 6 sessions, 80-90% of hairs are permanently reduced.

Laser hair removal sessions do not take time. For example, an armpit session takes 2 minutes, arms 20 minutes or legs an hour.

Hair falls out between laser epilation sessions. From one session to the next, the feathers do not grow. When it starts to come out again, the other session is applied. This provides great comfort and cleanliness during the treatment.

Laser epilation completely eliminates the ingrown hair problem. In some people, acne, inflammations and scars and stains occur in the leg and groin area caused by the sunken. Laser epilation treats the ingrown hair problem by thinning and destroying the hairs. In this way, acne, blemishes and scar problems are also eliminated.

Laser epilation is effective in the treatment of hirsutism in women due to hormonal problems in the chin, chest and belly area. Treatment of hair growth in this area with medication alone is not sufficient. Epilation together with drug treatment or alone can reduce, thin and destroy hairs. Thus, female patients with hair growth problems feel very comfortable both physically and psychologically. Such patients get rid of their hair every day. Irritation, acne, ingrown and blemish complaints that occur after these hairs are removed with tweezers, wax and thread, disappear.

Why should I not have laser hair removal?

Laser epilation is not as successful in women as in other areas in the treatment of fine facial hair. Fine hairs on the upper lip area and perhaps the cheek area may not respond well to laser epilation. Feathers may not decrease or even increase. Therefore, if you have fine facial hair, do not start laser hair removal treatment unless you have to. Prefer methods such as needle epilation or waxing, be especially careful on the neck and temples.

If there is a complaint of fine hair on the dark skin, care should be taken while having laser epilation. Devices suitable for dark skin tones should be used. Diode and ND:Yag lasers are more suitable for fine hair complaints on dark skin.

Alexandrite and IPL systems, on the other hand, are more suitable for people with fair skin or wheat-colored skin. Care should be taken when applying Alexandrite and IPL systems on dark skin.

While having laser epilation, it should be ensured that the place you have done is working in clean conditions. Before laser epilation, care should be taken to ensure that the instruments used to shorten the hair and the table you lie on are disinfected. Fungus, virus or bacteria can be caught. If the epilator touches the skin, it should be ensured that the tip of the device is also cleaned.
Laser epilation should not be performed immediately after solarium and sunbathing.