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Why is under-eye light filling applied?

In some people, depending on age or structure, the detentions appear dark and sunken. This image gives people a tired, sleepless and old appearance. When the under-eye filler is applied to people with such complaints, a bright and healthy image appears immediately. Under-eye filler is extremely effective in rejuvenating the eye area, removing bruises, lines and ringlets.

Which materials are used in under-eye filler applications?

Hyaluronic acid should be preferred in under-eye filler applications. Hyaluronic acid is a filler that dissolves over time and can be dissolved with hyaluronidase when there is a problem. So it can be used with confidence.

How long does the effect of under-eye light filling last?

The under-eye filler applied for rejuvenating the eye area, bruises and sunkenness is effective for 15-18 months.

What should be considered in the selection of hyaluronic acid fillers in under-eye filler applications?

The structure of the hyaluronic acid used in detention should be suitable for detention. After a few days of thick, unsuitable hyaluronic acid filling, it swells by absorbing water and gives an edematous appearance. At the same time, it can cause blue-green coloration (Tyndall effect). Therefore, thin-structured hyaluronic acid fillers made for detention should be used in the selection of fillers.

What should be considered after the under-eye filler application?

Ice is applied after the procedure. A hot bath is not recommended on the first day. Excessive facial movements and laughing should be avoided in the first two days after the application. Excessively active sports should not be done in the first week.

What is the risk of under-eye filler applications?

Temporary bruising may occur in under-eye filling applications with needles. If the under-eye filler is made with a special needle, called a cannula, with a non-pointed tip, the risk of bruising is eliminated. Concealing make-up can be applied after the under-eye filling.