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Why is cheap botox expensive?

Have you heard the saying that cheap is expensive? This word is used to explain that goods and services that are far below the market value will cause much greater costs in the short, medium or long term.

For example, when you buy a crashed car because it’s cheap, the economic burden of breaking the car will take all the money you thought you had saved, and even more out of your pocket.

Are there any exceptions? Of course there is. Some businesses have the ability to sell the same or equivalent products to their customers at a lower price, as they can procure them cheaper than their competitors.

Or, one business may be willing to make less profit than the other.

In the beauty and aesthetic sector, which is the sector we are in, it is very difficult to deliver a quality service to the public at a low price.

There are 2 important reasons for this.

The first is the price of the machinery and equipment used. A clinic or beauty center often has to sacrifice tens of thousands of dollars to procure a relatively high quality device. Periodic maintenance and spare parts of these machines are quite expensive. On the other hand, many machines are not alternatives to each other, so they do not do what each other does. Nearly every different procedure requires a different machine to be used.

The second is education. It is costly to devote the budget, time and effort to the training and development of the people performing the procedure. Our experience shows us that cheap is expensive in the sector we are in, which we can define as beauty and aesthetics.

First of all, entrusting your health to a business is not like choosing a restaurant. You can choose a restaurant based on its price, taste, or even location, but we recommend that you be more meticulous when it comes to your health.

This does not mean that you choose the one with the highest price among two different businesses operating at the same quality standards, we only recommend that you research the people or organizations you entrust your health with as much as possible. If the business you have chosen is doing the same transaction at well below the market price, please deepen your research and be skeptical.

Speaking of Botox… If the botox is offered well below the market price, the business may be diluting the botox or using it less than it should. Another possibility is the use of low-quality botox that has not been approved by the FDA.

Persons performing the procedure may not be dermatologists or plastic surgeons.

Although Botox is a low-risk procedure when performed by a licensed specialist doctor, it can lead to undesirable situations in the hands of unqualified people.

In order to avoid risk, be careful not to buy cosmetic or medical services that are closely related to your health from websites such as daily discount sites.

In the hands of unqualified persons and businesses, you may encounter many health problems such as serious infections as well as side effects such as strabismus, drooping eyelids, severe headaches.

Cheap botox is therefore expensive and the cost is your health.

Note: The reason for making this warning is not to highlight our clinic. There are dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Antalya, who we believe do their job well, apart from our clinic.