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Why does cellulite occur?

It is formed as a result of the exposure of the collagen fibers in the connective tissue to refined carbohydrates over the years and as a result they lose their elasticity.

Can you list the factors that affect the formation of cellulite?

Hormonal factors in women play a facilitating role. Estrogen and progesterone balance is an important determinant of familial inheritance and tendency. Drinking less water, sugar intake, irregular diet, caffeinated drinks and frequent consumption of carbonated drinks that do not make you feel high sugar intake are among the other factors.

Do women have more cellulite than men? Why is that?

The subcutaneous fat compartments of women and the collagen fibers in their walls have a different architectural structure. The points where these fibers attach to the skin are in a setup that can cause shrinkage on the skin in the changes in the adipose tissue inside the compartments.

Also, when the collagen fibers start to lose their flexibility, shrinkage on the skin becomes much easier. Pregnancies of women, rapid weight gain and loss, periodical fondness for sugar and flour; It is the most important reason for the appearance of the orange peel appearance on the skin.

Does cellulite get more or worse with age? What is the reason of this?

The appearance of cellulite tends to increase with age. The most important reason for this is; collagen fibers are not in an effort to renew themselves so that they can stay younger and alive. Over the years, they age and cause this appearance to worsen.

What effect do our genes have on cellulite?

The configuration of connective tissue is determined by our genes. For this reason, if our mother has cellulite, there is a high probability that we will also have it.

Does cellulite also happen in very thin women?

It is a situation that we frequently encounter in women who do not gain weight despite eating very low carbohydrate foods.

Can you tell us the place of exercise in the fight against cellulite? Which types of exercises are more effective?

Exercise, its first positive effect; It shows by breaking insulin resistance. Although people who exercise regularly are exposed to carbohydrates, they will have kept a defense mechanism active that can reverse the damage caused by this exposure on a daily basis.

In particular, sports that use the muscles of the whole body, such as cardio-type exercises, dance and swimming, will more effectively remove carbohydrate metabolism residues and common damages.

Cellulite filler? What types of bodies does it work for?

Restoring the same level in the skin by applying fillers in the areas where there are recessions is among my pleasing applications. However, I would like to give the good news in advance that there are some promising methods that are newly developed and I will definitely be one of the first implementers when they come to Turkey. It is possible for me to be more beneficial to my patients thanks to my curious and insatiable nature in the international congresses I attend.

What are the non-invasive procedures applied to reduce the appearance of cellulite?

Mesotherapy, Vacuum lymph drainage systems (LPG), radiofrequency (Velashape and Maximus), sound waves (AWT) and focus ultrasound technologies can be counted among the methods that have proven their effectiveness.

How is laser applied in cellulite? How long does it take to get the best results?

The laser acts by causing the destruction of old collagen under the tissue with the effect of heat and triggering the production of new collagen. There are different combination laser treatments applied by dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the market.

Can you talk about the applications where radio frequency is used? How long does it take to get the results?

The most effective radiofrequency applications I have seen are Velashape and Maximus, and it can effectively treat cellulite with a personalized combination therapy, with the number of sessions varying depending on the cellulite degree of the person, once a week.

Do you recommend massage for cellulite? What types of content are used to support the massage?

My patients gain a regular massage habit, massage themselves from the bottom up (towards the heart) after each bath, and do these massages with creams containing active ingredients such as phosphatidyl choline, caffeine, viniferol and sodium deoxycholate. .

Is liposuction done for cellulite? For whom is it not suitable?

The classical understanding of liposuction has ceased to be an appropriate approach in the treatment of cellulite. In order to correct the appearance of advanced cellulite, surgical corrections that can be made by skilled hands may be needed.