What you need to know about genital area aesthetics

The genital area is hidden and private.

Many women complain that their Labia Minora (Inner Lips) is a bit large or drooping.

Sometimes, the very dark color of the genital area can cause discomfort.

Another condition is the enlargement of the vaginal canal after childbirth.

One of the causes of sexual dysfunction is the dislike of the genitals.

Some women have problems such as avoiding sex, not being active during sex, and not being able to enjoy sex because they find their genital area ugly.

We treat all these problems with extremely simple methods.

–Sagging Labia Minoras are reduced by excision under sterile conditions with a special technique. Recovery time is 4-6 weeks.

— Extremely good results are obtained with laser treatment applied in our clinic and spot lightening cream treatments to be recommended to the patient in lightening the color of the genital area.


The vaginal area is entered with a cap suitable for the structure of the vaginal area. Each area is scanned 360 degrees at 1 centimeter intervals, and laser shots are made along the vaginal canal.

Laser shots applied to this area stimulate collagen synthesis in the vaginal canal, renewing that area, thickening it, and thus narrowing the canal.

Vaginismus (inability to have sexual intercourse)

All these problems are treated with Laser.

Since the vaginal canal narrows and tightens with this treatment, the problem of URINARY INCONTINENCE is also treated.

How is sexuality affected after vaginal aesthetics?

It has been observed that there is a very positive change in the sexual life of the patients after the procedure, when this problem of women who do not like their genital area and therefore cannot be active during intercourse and experience insecurity.

Especially after the labiaplasty procedure, the self-confidence of people increases significantly and it becomes easier to focus on sexual intercourse.