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What to do at home for insect bites

With the warming of the weather, we all leave ourselves to nature on weekends. Nice weather also causes mosquitoes and small flies to increase in green areas. I have patients who have increased allergies as a result of fly insect bites at the weekend. I will suggest some simple practices that you can do when you have no medicine with you in nature.

If you do these things, severe redness and wound problems do not usually occur the next day.

* First of all, the place where the fly bites should not be itchy.
* The itchy area should be relieved with mild soap or just water. It can be kept in water for up to 5 minutes.
*Apple cider vinegar will be comforting if a spoon is added to a glass of water and a compress is applied to the bite site. Itching is also reduced.
*Ice compress (Don’t let the ice come into direct contact with the skin) can be applied to the skin at intervals of 20-30 seconds.
*A few drops of apple cider vinegar are dripped into the corn flour and the bite is closed on the bite in the form of a paste. It is kept until relaxed and then washed off with water.
* The leaf of the aloe vera plant can be broken and the liquid can be applied. Or ready-made aloe vera extract can be applied.
*Tea tree oil can be applied pointwise to itchy places.
*Also, people with insect allergies can take lotions containing Calamine with them when they go to the natural environment.

These simple measures will allow you to quickly relax without medication.