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What Should We Do To Stay Younger?

From the past to the present, facial beauty has been very important. Because; The face is our area that allows us to connect with the outside world and is the first reflected area when communicating. Just as in Egypt they do physical peeling by sanding away acne scars, in Japan the Geisha make creamy masks from rice bran.

Today, we can say that the word aging in aesthetic sense has been shelved. Yes, not getting old anymore; Let’s put the word age-al-mak into our vocabulary.

So is this possible?

Because we cannot change the genetic structure. But; regular sleep, healthy eating, avoiding habits such as smoking and alcohol, physical activity are the steps that we can change. Especially whole grain, vegetable and fruit-based Mediterranean type diet means both longer telomere length associated with our biological clock and a more regular circadian rhythm, which we call the sleep-wake cycle.