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What should be considered after laser hair removal?

– Protect your skin from UV rays (do not sunbathe and go to the solarium).

-Use sunscreen when you go out in the sun for at least two weeks.

Do not scratch the laser treated area for 24 hours, do not apply perfume, do not wash with very hot water.

-Do not apply peeling or abrasive products for 1 week.

The redness and shine around the hair that is observed immediately after the application is the effect of the effective application. It will pass with a short-term cold application. For prolonged redness, corticosteroid creams (prednol cream) can be applied 2 times a day for 3 days.

In areas where the hair is very hard and thick, people whose skin is prone to acne may have acne in that area after laser application, do not worry. When the hairs with deep roots are burned, the body gives a foreign body reaction in order to remove it. This is why acne occurs. It is not permanent, if you wish, a cream can be prescribed by your doctor to make it easier to pass.

shedding of hairs; Some of the hair (thick and superficial ones) burns out during the application. Hairs with deeper roots will fall out in the coming days, when you pull them with tweezers, it looks like they are pulling hair from butter. These are burning hairs, you can pull them out. The bristles that do not come out easily when you pull them are unburned bristles. Since the hairs that are not in the growth period will not be affected by the laser, these hairs will need other sessions. Do not pull the hairs that do not come easily so that the hair follicles that we can burn in the next session remain.

After the laser application, the hairs in the growth period burn and disappear, the hair in the resting period is not affected by the laser. It is expected that the hairs in the resting period will pass into the growth period and the next session is done, so you should not come to the second session 4-5 weeks after the first session. The number of sessions varies from person to person, as the proportion of hair in the growth period varies greatly from person to person, seasonal, and hormonal reasons.

Until the next session, if your hair grows, you can cut it (scissors, razor, hair removal cream), but do not apply methods that remove hair from the root, such as tweezers, waxing, so that the hair follicles that will burn are left in the next session.