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What is the treatment of dark circles under the eyes?

Under-eye Bruise is a condition that makes the person look tired and old, overshadows their beauty, and is not easy to treat.


Although bruises under the eyes are mostly structural, that is, genetic; Environmental factors such as sleeping problems, spending a long time in front of television and computer screen, drinking a lot of tea and coffee, eating unhealthy, smoking a lot can also cause bruises around the eyes. It is usually seen with under-eye bags, pits and wrinkles.


The treatment is shaped according to the bruise and structure of the patient’s eye area.

–Special solutions injected under the eyes

–Special peeling solutions applied under the eyes

–PRP application

-Under-eye light filler

–Golden needle Radiofrequency, Fractional laser

They are very effective methods in the treatment of dark circles under the eyes. Which of these methods will be applied will be shaped according to the person, not only according to the degree of bruising around the eyes, but also with other conditions such as bagging, depression, excessive wrinkling, and dryness around the eyes.

Under-eye bruise treatments also support the subcutaneous collagen layer by showing an antiaging effect. In other words, while bruising is being treated, a visible rejuvenation is achieved around the eyes at the same time.


Under-eye bags are a condition that makes a person look tired and old and overshadows their beauty.

It usually occurs with the accumulation of adipose tissue under the eye due to a personal predisposition and genetic characteristics.

These under-eye bags, which are mostly taken with surgical techniques, can also be resolved with dermatological applications.

It is possible to effectively treat under-eye bags by destroying this sebaceous duct with a special solution.

With the Treatment of Under Eye Bags, your face will look much younger and more dynamic.


Since the under-eye area is a thin tissue, very sensitive and easily damaged area, wrinkling and loosening with mimic movements can age, wrinkle and bag more easily than other facial areas. Under-eye bags can also develop due to the collapse of collagen tissue over time.

The eye and its surroundings are among the most sensitive areas. Anyone who wants to have their under-eye bags removed and has under-eye light filling in this area is mostly a little worried. In this region, where collagen tissue collapses with aging, if the patient has a genetic predisposition or if the patient is a patient with frequent allergic reactions around the eyes, or in people with kidney, heart disease, thyroid diseases, the formation of under-eye bags develops more easily.


The under eye is a very sensitive area. This sensitive area requires delicate touches.
It is possible to remove under-eye bags surgically. However, it is one of the most difficult operations in the world and the healing process takes the longest due to the sensitivity of the region. Therefore, the most effective and risk-free way at the moment is the non-surgical laser correction of under-eye bags. Laser technology provides us this opportunity. With this treatment, both the under-eye bags are corrected and the eye area is considerably rejuvenated.