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What is the place of bioresonance treatments in dermatology?

The failure of modern medicine to achieve similar success in interventional operations and in emergencies in chronic problems such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, allergies, depression and Alzheimer’s increases the interest in holistic medicine.

The aim of holistic medicine is to make a holistic evaluation of the person with his/her life habits and diet by the physician before he/she loses his/her health, and to raise awareness for protective purposes. It is possible to identify the signs that the body gives before getting serious diseases, and to restore the person to health with herbal or mineral-based drugs or applications with no side effects such as resonance systems. Seeing a person as a single problem occurring only in his body, ignoring his mental and spiritual state will be symptomatic and day-saving approaches.

True recovery is not just the passing of the symptom, but the complete recovery of the person.

According to the definition of WHO (World Health Organization), health; It is a person’s physical, physical and social harmony and being in harmony with himself and his environment. The information you will read on this page has been prepared to explain only the resonance-bioresonance and homeopathy systems in the holistic medicine approach.


After the discovery of the rules of quantum physics, it is now known that every substance has a vibrational frequency in accordance with its own structure. Both the substances around us and every organ of our body produce energy while every cell works. Likewise, microorganisms and other pathogens have a frequency. The energy of cells, tissues and body is measured in healthy and diseased states. Disruption of these currents or their order begins to prepare the ground for the picture called disease. As the body cannot overcome this with its own power and frequency irregularities settle, the functioning of the organs gradually deteriorates.

The concentration of electromagnetic fields we are exposed to in daily life, stress, pollutants to which the food, the air we breathe and the soil are exposed to distract the human body from its own healing power.

In resonance therapies, regulating currents are given to the systems whose frequency is disturbed and a kind of detox state is created. Or, the weakened healing current is loaded and the cell is supported to insert itself into the repair process. Both resonance therapies and homeopathy affect the body with a stimulus (warning) order. No chemical or electrical stimulation is given. For this reason, it works at all ages and in cases where the indication is determined by the physician, without adversely interacting with other drugs or treatments.


It is an application that was born in the 1970s, when a German medical doctor, Morrel, used homeopathy in his treatments, and researched whether electromagnetic waves could have a similar effect on the body. In the following years, studies were conducted on the frequencies of diseased and healthy tissues, and studies were carried out to return the body to a healthy rhythm by supporting not only diseases but also chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgias, unexplained skin rashes, allergies, chronic and unexplained headaches, sleep problems, eating disorders and addictions. Today, the use of bioresonance and resonance devices has become widespread in the USA and China, especially in European countries. Medical doctors and complementary medicine specialists use resonance applications made with different models and brands in Europe.

Indications for Resonance Therapies?

First of all, provided that the necessary medical examinations and expert examination have been made;

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Nutritional disorders such as obesity and underweight

Chronic Headaches

Digestive System Problems


sleep problems

Hyperactivity and Learning Problems

Who Cannot Take Resonance Therapies?

It is not applied to those with a pacemaker and pregnant women.

Since resonance therapies are basically for detox purposes, they are used in diets, smoking and alcohol cessation treatments, increasing sports performance, supporting the body and mind during exam periods, even if there is no disease condition. Chemical molecules are not given to the person in the resonance application, it is noninvasive and has no side effects.

Requirements for Resonance Therapy;

First of all, a doctor’s examination and examination may be required if necessary. Remedies are given if the treatment primarily requires the homeopathic approach. The person’s eating and living habits are reviewed and regulated. Afterwards, the therapy begins with the appropriate interval and the determined session. Alcohol intake, coffee, chocolate, heavy and fatty diet are suspended 2 days before. A lot of water is consumed. Light diet, reduction of tea consumption and light walks are recommended 24 hours before the session. It is recommended to come to the session in comfortable clothes. After the session, it is requested to consume 1-1.5 liters of water more than normally consumed for 2 days, not to smoke coffee, alcohol and not to smoke. If possible, it is good for the person to rest. In some cases, there may be a slight feeling of tiredness and a tendency to sleep for a few days. In such a situation, it is understood that the person’s energy loss is high. This is not a side effect. If possible, sauna is recommended to increase sweat excretion. Swimming is recommended.