What is spot treatment?

Stain is a frequently encountered problem in dermatology. However, spot treatment is not as easy as one might think. The size of the stain, its darkness, the number of years it has existed or whether it has developed after birth are factors that affect the treatment. It develops in areas with the most sun and after summer holidays without sunscreen. Again, it is especially common in people who have to work under the sun. Facial stains may also develop after misused creams, irritating creams and solutions. The most resistant stain to treatment is the stain seen on the face in postpartum women.

Although blemishes are not a disease but a cosmetic problem, it is a condition that seriously affects people’s social life and mood. Since many people are very uncomfortable with their blemishes, they use wrong products such as foundation and powder to cover their blemishes, causing much more damage to their skin, leading to the development of acne or eczema, and deterioration of skin quality. The healthiest way to treat the blemish is to consult a dermatologist.


STAIN TREATMENT WITH COSMELAN The most effective stain treatment method is the Cosmelan method. The Cosmelan spot treatment method, which is a miracle for the treatment of stains and baffles even us physicians, removes the stain in a very short time. Of course, as with all stain treatment methods, the most important part of the treatment is to use regular sunscreen.

STAIN TREATMENT WITH CHEMICAL PEELING Chemical peeling is also a very effective treatment method in the treatment of stains. A peeling solution chosen by the physician is applied to the entire face. While the stain is treated with this method, the skin is renewed and refreshed at the same time. In other words, while the stain is treated with the chemical peeling method, the skin rejuvenation process is also performed.

STAIN TREATMENT WITH LASER With the fractional laser, the stained area is scanned with the dose to be determined by the physician. This scanned area is slightly crusted and shed within a week and the stain is treated. Fractional laser method is extremely effective in stain treatment. If there are widespread stains on the entire face, if the entire face is scanned and stain treatment is performed, skin rejuvenation is completed in the same session as in the treatment of stains with chemical peeling.

Goldneedle radiofrequency laser; After the Goldneedle radiofrequency laser, which I mostly applied Skin Rejuvenation Treatment, the skin spots of the patients

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STAIN TREATMENT WITH CREAM The most important part of the spot treatment is to use at least SPF 50+ sunscreen on the whole face, especially on the stained areas, in the morning and during the daytime. In the evening, treatments can be supported by applying stain-removing creams, serums or mixtures prepared by the physician to the stained areas only to the extent of the physician’s knowledge.


After the procedures for spot treatment, skin rejuvenating epithelial and wound healing creams recommended by the physician are recommended to the patient. Protecting the patient from the sun is the most important part of the treatment. Of course, it is very important to use 50+ sunscreen creams recommended by the physician in the morning and during the daytime.