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What is salmon DNA?

Salmon DNA’ It is a polynucleotide derived from It can be applied in combination with pure and hyaluronic acid.

What does the salmon DNA vaccine do?

The methods we use to renew, revitalize, tighten and increase the quality of the skin, whose quality has deteriorated over time, do not go by when a new one is not added. With the prolongation of people’s life expectancy and the increasing importance they attach to appearance, new studies are constantly being added to slowing and delaying the aging process. Salmon DNA is one of the methods used for this purpose. By holding water 10 thousand times its volume, it provides the moisture balance of the skin and the skin renews itself. As the skin ages, the blood circulation of the tissues and the oxygenation of the cells decrease. Therefore, it becomes difficult to remove free radicals that damage cells from the environment. With the effect of aging, DNA degradation is also observed. However, today’s people prefer to struggle instead of putting up with aging.

Salmon DNAThanks to the DNA molecules obtained from salmon, it is aimed to provide cell renewal in the skin. Salmon DNA It finds in hyaluronic acid in its vaccine, hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen production, thus accelerating the regeneration process of the skin. When these two products are applied together, an ideal anti-aging application is made. Salmon DNA, one of the most effective anti-aging methods, treats worn and dry skin. It prevents deep wrinkles at the beginning of sagging. It prevents the formation of crow’s feet wrinkles, under-eye bags, lines on the forehead and around the lips, which are proof of years.