What is salmon DNA+ youth vaccine?

Salmon DNA, more commonly known as Youth Vaccine, is a vaccine application applied by injecting hyaluronic acid and salmon DNA into the skin. Moisturizing, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin, Salmon DNA+ Youth Vaccine is one of the efficient treatment methods in terms of wrinkle removal. As a Shinest clinic, it hosts all kinds of equipment and specialists needed to effectively cure your skin problems.

Why Should I Have Salmon DNA+ Youth Vaccine?

The application, which is effective in the first session, achieves the expected result in an average of 5 sessions. Salmon DNA + Youth Vaccine, which can be made without any problems by anyone without a general health problem, is one of the most effective treatments compared to its alternatives for eliminating problems such as detention problems, wrinkles, and skin dullness.

Who Should Have Salmon DNA+ Youth Vaccine?

Those who want to have a healthier and younger skin

Those who want to protect their skin from deformations caused by aging

Those who want to correct deformations caused by skin blemishes and environmental factors

Those who want to get rid of under-eye bruises and wrinkles

How is Salmon DNA+ Youth Vaccine Applied?

15 days before the application, the skin is moistened with the moisturizers recommended by Shinest Aesthetics and Beauty Center experts and is made ready for the procedure. On the day of the application, the skin is cleaned with antiseptic cleaners and anesthetized using anesthetic creams, thus minimizing possible pain and suffering. Then, amino acids such as Hyaluronic Acid, Glicine, L Lysine, L Leusin are injected into the skin with the Mesotherapy gun.

Is Pain or Pain Felt in Salmon DNA+ Youth Vaccine Application?

Although Salmon DNA+ Youth Vaccine is a painless application, for sensitive people with a low pain threshold, anesthetic creams are applied to the skin before the application and the skin is numbed. In this way, possible pain and pain sensations are minimized.