What is rosacea (red face, rosacea)?

rosacea; Also known as rose disease, it is a disease that progresses with facial redness, vascularization, acne and blistering of the skin.

What causes rosacea?

On skin prone to redness for various reasons; Disease occurs as a result of the multiplication of parasites living with us.


Burning, redness,

Veins and pimples can be seen

In addition, coarsening of the skin, especially in the nose, and raised lesions from the skin facilitate the diagnosis.

Who is it seen in?

It is more common in middle and old age and mostly in women.

In those with stomach problems,

Family history of transmission

Those who consume a lot of hot, spice and pickles

Those who consume very hot food

Where can it be seen other than the face?

at the bottom of the eyelashes

Chest and back

It can also be seen in the anal area and legs.

What should a Roza (Rose) patient pay attention to?

Must be protected from light (sun, lighting lamps, computer and sunlight)

Should not consume bitter, spice, pickle and alcohol

Protect from extreme cold and hot weather

Avoid hot drinks

Avoid stress if possible.


After examining you, your dermatologist may recommend one of the following treatments, depending on your condition.

Protection creams

therapeutic creams

oral medication

laser therapy

carbon peeling

Rosacea treatment with Jetlight