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What is reformer pilates?

The reformer pilates device was first used by Joseph Pilates for the treatment of wounded soldiers in bed during the First World War. Joseph Pilates made the first trials of today’s reformer device, with the exercises he had patients do with the springs attached to the walls and beds. As a result of the treatment applied with springs at that time, the patients got stronger and recovered faster without having to get up from their beds.

Reformer pilates; It is a very broad and comprehensive method in which more than 500 exercises can be performed by lying, sitting, kneeling or standing on a special device designed using resistant springs. Its basic principle is to keep the core (abdominal muscles) activation, spine and lumbopelvic (backbone) stabilization active and push and pull movements against resistance with the right breathing techniques and concentration.

When applied regularly, Reformer Pilates allows the muscles to lengthen, increase flexibility and shape. Increasing flexibility means strengthening of the connective tissues in the muscles and being more resistant to tears/injuries; While doing this, the most important elements are correct breathing, good concentration, correct alignment and adherence to the principles of fluency.

Clinical pilates exercises, both with and without tools, are used in rehabilitation of sports injuries, correction of postural disorders, treatment of acute or chronic back-waist and neck pain, rehabilitation of spinal problems such as scoliosis, bladder prolapse, rehabilitation of waist and neck herniation, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation. It is the most effective treatment approach used in many other cases.