What is mesotherapy, where is it used?

Mesotherapy consists of the words “mesos” meaning middle in Greek and “therapeia” meaning to treat medically. It is the technique of injecting pharmacological drugs into and under the skin. Physical and chemical stimulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is provided. It also allows the use of drugs in smaller doses by injection into the necessary tissue. It also reduces the effects of drugs in systemic application. It is used in the treatment of mesotherapy, dermatocosmatology, facial rejuvenation, hair loss, cellulite and local fat deposition.

The aim of facial mesotherapy is to renew the skin, moisturize it, prevent aging, remove wrinkles and sagging. Some vitamins, anti-aging substances, minerals, proteins, hyaluronic acid are applied under the skin through micro needles. In this way, regenerative cells called fibroblasts in the skin increase. The production of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid increases. As a result, the moisture, shine and firmness of the skin are increased.

The application is applied in an average of 6-8 sessions at 1-2 week intervals. This method is also widely used in the correction of the neck and décolleté area.

Scalp mesotherapy is applied periodically to stop hair loss, increase the quality of existing hair and activate new hair growth.

The vitamins, minerals, proteins and mixtures that the hair needs are applied to the scalp with the help of micro needles.

Although there are different treatment protocols, 10-12 sessions are applied at 1-2 week intervals.

In cellulite and fat melting mesotherapy, it is aimed to reduce lipoedema, increase blood circulation, dissolve fat and repair and protect supporting tissues with some drugs.

For this purpose, lipolytic (fat-dissolving), circulatory regulator, effective strengthening drugs are injected into the connective tissue.

The areas of application are arms and legs, abdomen, buttocks and hips.