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What is lip filler? How to

Lip Filling, which has been very popular recently, when applied correctly, both corrects the shape of the lip and makes it look fuller. At the same time, a well-made lip filler gives the whole face a dynamism and a more youthful appearance.

In some people, the lips, especially the upper lips, are almost non-existent. With aging, the lips become weaker and thinner. Sometimes tooth loss or tooth deformities cause thinning of the lips. Smoking causes thinning of the lips and intense lines around the mouth. The upper lips are very thin and the gums are visible (Gummy Smile) when smiling, and this can sometimes cause serious discomfort in the patient and even cause discomfort to the extent that he covers his mouth with his hand while smiling. All these problems are solved with the application of lip augmentation. While the fullness in the lips provides a younger and healthier appearance on the lips, it also creates a great change in the face in general. At the same time, with Lip Filling, thin and deep lines around the mouth are opened and this area is significantly rejuvenated.


The lips are a region where many nerve endings are intense in terms of its general structure. For this reason, local numbing of the area before the filling process will make the lip augmentation process more comfortable. Using a good local anesthetic or making local anesthetic by injection, as well as taking oral painkillers for a while before the procedure, allows the procedure to be done more easily.

Before lip augmentation, it is necessary to talk to the patient in detail and understand their expectations and how they want to see their lips. After the doctor listens to the patient and understands his expectation, the asymmetries in the lip and a good examination are started, the filling process is started. With the help of fine-tipped needles or a cannula, the desired amount of filler is injected into the lip as previously planned.

Lip Filling should be done in experienced hands and by specialist doctors.


Lip augmentation is a very easy process and a special application. It would be right to do it by very experienced people. Very rarely, there may be bruising and swelling in the area where it is done, and in this case, it is very easily controlled. With the application of ice to the area and the application of anti-bruise creams, this situation improves in a short time. One week and 10 days after the lip augmentation procedure, the patient can be called for a control and, although very rarely, some points can be filled for the second time. Thus, the process ends.

Lip augmentation does not only give fullness to the lips, a youthful and lively appearance, but also gives youth and dynamism to the entire face.


One of the most curious questions of people who have lip fillers is whether the filler is permanent.

Since permanent fillings cause irreversible reactions on the skin, we use fillings that are softer and do not harm the lip, lasting up to a maximum of one year, and this is much healthier.


The filler used is very important. Another important issue is that the doctor who will apply it, which I wrote again and again, is experienced in this regard. Putting an appropriate amount of filler on the lips and shaping the lips well is very important for the integrity and harmony of the face. When a lot of filling is applied to the upper lip, a bad image appears in the form of “duck lip”, that is, the lips are extended forward. With this very sensitive Lip Filling Application, good results can be obtained only when it is performed by an experienced physician and with the use of the right materials in the right proportions.