What is light fill? How long does the effect last?

Light filling, like face and lip filling, is one of the aesthetic applications that we use to eliminate the negativities of our face due to time and gravity.

With its extremely successful and long-lasting effect, it is a great invention against the negativities that occur under our eyes. “Hyaluronic Acid” is the same substance used in face and lip fillers, but its structure is completely different and specific to detentions.

What causes collapses and bruises in our custody?

Regardless of whether men or women, over time, as in all our skin, changes occur in our custody. Our detentions are affected very quickly due to genetic factors, stress, insomnia, malnutrition, wrong diet, substance and alcohol use. The septum (fat layer around the eyes) surrounding our eyes undergoes a change and causes wrinkles, bags or bruises. The tiny changes that occur in our under-eyes seem much more exaggerated than they do with the effect of light.

How effective is light filling in detention?

Over time, when the changes in the structure of the eyes turn into collapse, swelling, wrinkles, bruises on our face, one of the methods we apply, even the most effective, is light filling. Light filling is an extremely perfect application that we apply in face and lip fillings. Just like in face and lip fillers, it contains ‘Hyaluronic Acid’. However, this is completely different. It is much thinner and more delicate than the one we apply in face and lip filling.

Is the substance used in face filling applied to detentions?

The material of this filler is completely produced for under the eyes. It spreads in the application area, does not accumulate and the risk of complications is almost non-existent. Its application is extremely easy and painless. Before the application, local anesthesia is applied to prevent the patient from feeling pain and suffering.

How long does the light fill effect last?

It is extremely effective for under-eye bruises, bags, collapses and wrinkles. Its effect lasts for 8-12 months. It is renewed at the end of this period. It is successfully applied to men and women. It is suitable for all skin types. As we mentioned above, it has a completely different structure from lip augmentation and face filling. It should never be compared with face fillers and lip fillers.

Light filling is not done with face filling and lip filling material. The filler for this filler is completely custom, as we mentioned. If the filling is made with the material used in the face filling, skin collections, bumps, subcutaneous accumulations can be seen. Such practices have been tried in the past and abandoned due to complications. As a patient, when you decide to have light filling, be sure to ask and learn about its content.

Never have a filling done without the supervision of a physician. Unfortunately, our environment is getting crowded day by day with people who make such practices happen to inappropriate places and people. Prefer clinics and practices that provide a specialist physician and hospital environment to avoid situations that are more difficult to treat later.

It is an extremely effective method for removing bruises, collapses and signs of aging under your eyes.