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What is important in eye area care???

Our eye area is the most sensitive and thinnest area of ​​our facial skin. It is sensitive and vulnerable to sunlight. Since this region is constantly moving under the influence of mimics, it is the earliest aging region chronologically.

If you want to be less affected by the passage of time, you have to use a sunscreen product on this area to slow down the signs of aging around the eyes. Exposure to the sun causes the formation of wrinkles, an increase in existing ones, dark circles and puffiness.

For this reason, do not neglect your eye area while using a face shield. Sunscreens are often neglected as they can cause burning, stinging and itching in this area, but you should definitely experience a product suitable for the eye area.
By spending a little time around your eyes in your daily care, you can prevent early wrinkles and enjoy your age!

Here are ways to protect your eye area without much trouble:

 Choose the right product

Make sure that the product you use during the day contains sunscreen. It is the content that makes the difference in the product with preservatives. Prefer fast absorbing, water-based, mineral-based products developed for sensitive (allergic) skin. Easily absorbed products do not leave any residue on the skin surface and do not get into your eyes. Thus, your eyes will not itch and you will not feel a burning sensation.

 Be gentle with the skin around the eyes.

Since the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive, rubbing can cause the formation and deepening of fine lines. Remember that the weakest finger on your hand is the ring finger. Always apply the products you use in this area with your ring finger, with small touches and buffering movements. Avoid pulling or tugging movements. Think of the skin around the eyes as a rose petal, which is at risk of breaking off in the face of force.

 Use sunglasses

In addition to your sunscreen, wear sunglasses that carry the UVA/UVB protection label. As you know, squinting causes wrinkles around the eyes. Thanks to the habit of wearing sunglasses outside, you will not squint all the time. Also, prefer shaded environments when you spend outside.

 Be wary of skin cancer

Because the skin on the eyelids is very thin, skin cancer spreads very quickly in this area. Therefore, your best protection will still be sunscreen and sunglasses. If you see a different skin lesion on your eyelid, consult your dermatologist.

 Do not forget about night care

At night, always keep the eye area moist. You don’t need to choose a multi-featured, very expensive eye cream. Keeping this sensitive area moist, simply using a moisturizer, will reduce fine lines and wrinkles.