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What is gold needle therapy?

Described as the newest revolution in shaping and tightening for the face, neck and body, the golden needle treatment, also known as Vivace, uses radio frequency and micro-needle to gently heat the target area under the epidermis for amazing results with less recovery time. Gold needle therapy significantly improves the treatment results of other radio frequency systems. Gold needle therapy is the most revolutionary RF microneedle skin tightening system for face, neck and body. It delivers the most stunning results with virtually no pain and no downtime.

The shielded gold needles and robotic handpiece of gold needle therapy are considered one of the most comfortable devices today.

Features of Gold Needle Treatment

Flexibility to trade at all depths.

Needle size from 5mm to 3.5mm in targeted applications.

Personalized disposable gold needle tip.

High Power polar radio frequency capability.

Red or blue LED application that completes each action.

Red stimulates collagen and blue breaks down acne bacteria.

It simplifies the process.

Easy and flexible use.

Gold needle therapy is a revolutionary, FDA-approved skin tightening procedure that stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin in the skin by sending Microneedling Fractionated Radio Frequency (MFR) deep into the layers of the skin, giving it a youthful glow.

During the procedure, it consists of placing a handpiece made of insulated or non-insulated gold micron on the skin and then applying MFR energy to multiple layers of the skin. The combined use of micro-tips and MFR energy helps to penetrate the skin and leave its top layer unchanged.

This innovative equipment provides maximum comfort and overall satisfaction in treatment. The radio frequency can be customized to suit different skin types, treatment areas and skin concerns. The risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is also reduced for patients with darker skin tones and is safe for use in patients suffering from melasma or other colored lesions.

A red LED laser is used to trigger skin cells to increase collagen production, improving skin tone and texture. The blue LED then acts on the existing acne-causing bacteria and successfully cures the existing acne formation.

Candidate Characteristics for Gold Needle Treatment

All healthy patients who want to get rid of the following problems are good candidates for gold needle treatment:


sun damage

large pores


fine lines

Hyper pigmentation

skin crack

uneven skin tone

It can be used on almost any part of the skin, body or face. For this reason, it is frequently preferred, and skin tone and type are not of any importance for treatment.

How is Gold Needle Treatment Applied?

Gold needle treatment is performed using a handpiece placed on the skin’s surface at the treatment site. The handpiece consists of a multiple pinhead that activates MFR energy when correctly applied within a specified depth. Each time one of the microneedles enters the skin, a small passage is created that allows the body to produce new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid as well as forming new capillaries in the top layer of the skin. As a result of needle movements and the body’s responses, a basis has been established for the increase in dermal production.

The procedure itself takes 30-45 minutes and is not very painful, but topical anesthetics can be used to relieve any localized pain or discomfort. In order to determine the session for gold needle treatment, the patient’s problem should be observed. While several sessions are required for larger problems, smaller problems can be resolved in a single session.