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What is feather yellowing?

In areas such as the face, upper arms, belly, back, chest, etc., there may be fine but uncomfortable hairs that conventional epilation lasers cannot see or finish. These hairs can be yellowed and rendered invisible using a Q switched Nd Yag laser. In the hair bleaching method, which can be applied to all skin types, pain and pain are almost non-existent. It is a safe and effective application for all skin types that can be applied in summer and winter. Daily life is not interrupted after the procedure, short-term redness may occur. Since the majority of these hairs will fall out, the person will be comfortable for 1-3 months. It is an application that weakens the hair root. Although there is a temporary hair removal process, there may also be lightening, reduction and thinning of the hair. As with every laser treatment, sun protection is important here too. As long as this protection rule is followed, there is no possibility of staining on the skin.

red face

To the appearance of the red face; structural features, emotional factors (such as anger, embarrassment), environmental factors (such as sun exposure, hot weather), physical exercise, elevated body temperature, spicy spicy foods and alcoholism. In addition, some skin diseases and hormonal diseases are among the causes of red face.

It is an important issue to understand the reason whether the redness on the face is continuous or in the form of intermittent attacks.

Our priority for the correct treatment of red face is to reach the correct diagnosis. If there is a skin disease, a treatment plan should be made. If there is a hormonal disease or a physical trigger, it should be detected. Depending on the severity of the disease, smears or pills can be used. It may be beneficial to avoid environmental factors such as heat, cold, sunlight that may increase the patient’s complaint, and some foods that are thought to be related. Therefore, it is important to use sunscreen. In addition, in the presence of permanent capillary changes with the support of environmental factors on a genetic basis, pulsed Dye Laser treatment is a very effective treatment method.