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What is facial capillary cracking?

Facial capillary cracks mean that enlarged veins are visible near the skin surface. The cheeks, the sides of the nose and the chin are the most common places for capillary cracking.

What are the Causes of Capillary Cracking?

The causes of capillary cracks on the face are sensitive and thin skin, having acne rosacea, long-term exposure to sunlight, long-term use of cortisone creams, lupus, genetic diseases and treatments with radiation lights. After nasal surgery, there may be capillary cracking in the nose.

Facial capillary cracks occur as a result of the expansion of capillaries. For this reason, eliminating capillary enlargement provides treatment. If the capillary cracking on the face is not treated, the capillary enlargement will not go away on its own.

How is Facial Capillary Cracked Treatment Performed?

Facial capillary cracking treatment is done for cosmetic purposes. In addition, capillary enlargement on the face is the cause of skin sensitivity, red spots on the face, and facial redness. The treatment of capillary cracking is done by laser method. Rarely, cryotherapy (ice therapy), electrocautery can also be performed. But it is likely to leave a trace. The most successful treatments are laser and light treatments.